3 Ways on How to Enhance Lifestyle Through Design

Joshrille John Hugo
29/07/2020 4:15:44

A good design has always considered how to improve the user’s quality of life. Now that we are experiencing a pandemic in our lifetime and staying at home is the best way to keep us from getting infected, having these design strategies implemented in your home will generate a healthy lifestyle.


You might be thinking that site constraints and budget reflect the amount of space in your home. A good choice of design can still do a lot to maximize the internal floor area to create a feeling of spaciousness.

  • Socializing

Socializing is good for our well-being, but you are not likely to invite your friends or relatives to come over if you do not have any floor space. Having a decent-sized living or dining area could provide you a better social interaction.


(11 ideas para ubicar la tele y disfrutar del Mundial, 2018)
(11 ideas para ubicar la tele y disfrutar del Mundial, 2018)
  • Privacy

On the other hand, a house does not feel like home if it does not have any secluded space to retreat to. Everyone should feel that they have a space of their own. A room shared by children is indeed economical, but they should also feel a sense of ownership. Having the room separated by a furniture like a study table is one way that could help them in their personal needs.


(Pierce, 2019)
(Pierce, 2019)
  • Hobbies

Having a dedicated space for hobbies means you will engage in them more often and with more ease,   which is likely to boost wellbeing. It need not be a large space; it just needs to be well designed. A small area that is utilized well for your vegetable garden could be just as good as a dedicated vegetable garden.





Natural ventilation in buildings delivers fresh air to interiors, ensuring safe, healthy, and comfortable living and working conditions for domestic and commercial properties. By replacing stale air with fresher air from outside, it is possible to regulate internal temperatures and humidity.


(Kipnis, 2011)
(Kipnis, 2011)



  • Reduced Costs

    – As natural ventilation systems rely on natural forces; you will save significantly on your building’s energy consumption and therefore save significantly on your energy bills.

  • Low maintenance –

    Natural ventilation does not require costly maintenance, further reducing costs as well as saving you time and effort.

  • Improved air quality

Natural ventilation systems ensure that clean air is always flowing throughout your building . This will improve your air quality which, in turn, will improve the health of the occupants of the building and increase productivity and concentration levels.

  • Consistency –

Natural ventilation ensures that each room is supplied with the right amount of both cool and warm air, keeping the temperature constant and at a pleasant level. This also removes the need to constantly adjust the system.

  • Reduced carbon emissions

By implementing a natural ventilation system in your building design, you are also helping the environment.


(Top 10 advantages of natural ventilation, n.d.)

Studies show that residents who live in a naturally ventilated building have a fewer mild health problem, such as headaches and eye irritation. Health expenses for occupants are also reduced by about 0.8 – 1.3% while also reducing respiratory illness, like asthma and allergies by up to 90%.



Indoor spaces with natural lighting are better for your health than shady spaces lit with artificial light. This is because when the body is exposed to sunlight it regulates the body’s circadian rhythm which results to enhancement of mood and productivity. In addition, natural lighting reduces your electricity consumption during daytime. Smart orientation is an example of a design intervention that does not cost anything extra if done at the design stage but has a big impact on the quality of the building and is expensive to change later.


(Edwardian Weatherboard House Renovated by Sheri Haby Architects, 2018)
(Sheri Haby Architects, 2018)

Perhaps the strongest way in which design enhances quality of life is through personalization. Your home should suit your lifestyle and personality. If you know you love to eat outside, you can design the garden to be ideally viewed from the patio area. If you love being outdoors, you can design an open area where you can do various programs. Everything you need to make your life run smoothly can be accounted for.


(Mendelsohn, 2020)
(Mendelsohn, 2020)


In Constantin Design & Build, it is more than just a construction business; we get to know our clients well and establish a good relationship to provide them their dream home. We create designs that reflect their personality, interests, and taste. At the of the day, we aim to satisfy our clients’ needs and we always give our best for it.