4 Things To Consider For Your Home Swimming Pool

Rey Justine D. Intong
12/03/2018 2:33:39
Photo of lady in swimming pool by Haley Phelps on

In my last article, I talked about the different types of pools based on the preference of the home owner. If you would like to read that one, check it out here.

However, that article was catered more to people who have already decided to have a pool installed. But what about if you’re still considering? Well, fret not, because as always, I’ve got you covered. In this article we’ll tackle some basic considerations to look over if you’re still on the fence about having your own swimming pool.


What will you be using the pool for? Will it be for parties? Or will you be using it regularly for exercise or leisure? Maybe even for professional use as a competitive swimmer?

If you’re considering a pool then you should consider how, when, and why you’ll be using it. Different uses will have different design considerations, so you should give this some serious thought.


The lot size and free space for your pool

Okay, this one is fairly obvious. You’ll need a large open area if you want to have a pool installed. Take note that this isn’t just for the pool itself, since you’ll want some buffer space that separates the actual swimming area from your home. If you plan to use the pool for parties, then you’ll need an even bigger space to accommodate your guests.

Now, if you’re considering an indoor pool next to your living room (or really any area inside your house), you’ll still need some space around the pool itself to make sure none of your appliances get wet, so make sure you keep these things in mind when you consult your architect.


The design and complexity of your pool

When you’re considering installing a swimming pool, you should give some thought as to what exactly you want the pool to look like. Remember that they aren’t just giant craters filled with water, so make sure you talk to your architect about what kind of design is feasible.

Tied into this is how complex you want the design to be. Do you want a simple, in-ground pool? Or do you want one with a waterfall feature and lights? Again, talk to your designer for your list of options.


Lastly, after you’ve decided on the availability of space, use, and design, you will have to consider your budget. Exactly how much you’ll spend will depend on the type, but generally, pools will be a significant added cost, not just for construction, but also for maintenance. Expect your water bill to rise significantly, and if you want a pool with lights installed, expect the same of your electricity bill.

And that’s about it for this article. Of course, this is by no means a comprehensive and extensive list. And you and your designer will ultimately be the ones making the final decisions here, but I hope this article helps you out on that front.

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