8 Reasons To Hire A Design and Build Contractor

Tricia Hingpit
30/07/2018 10:52:25
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First things first. What is a design and build contractor and why is it better to entrust your project to them instead of hiring separate architects and construction contractors?

A design and build contractor bids for both the design and construction phases of the project, and is therefore responsible for all the work. This allows them to optimize the whole process, while also being more flexible for changes that may come later on.

This is in contrast to the usual method of hiring an architect to draw up the plans and have a contractor interpret them later. Known as the traditional method, this approach may result into more errors and delays when the two teams, with their own standards, ethics, and methods clash during the construction phase.

In the design and build process, both teams talk together at the onset of the project, and operate within the same standards. They also have a more streamlined method of work. Contractors working with this method generally have the design process and construction process complement each other, and therefore allow the owner more control over the new home, especially during the finishing phase.

No other type of home builder will materialize your dream house better.

Here are eight solid reasons why you shouldn’t think twice before hiring a local design and build contractor in Davao City:

1. They have a better understanding of your requirements.

Design and build contractors are usually led by a signing architect. Being an architect requires a sense of empathy. We dare say that no other type of home builder can empathize with clients better than architects.

Design and build contractors are highly trained in determining your core needs, which will shape the design. Therefore, the result – your house – will truly be modified depending on your tastes and preferences.

2. They are experts in communicating with you.

Design and build contractors are also more equipped to explain the home construction process to the client.
Based on their expertise, they can provide you with an overview of the project, including the nitty-gritty details of the plan and the roles of their construction team.

3. They have an eye for design mistakes.

Design and build contractors with residential architects on their team are highly trained in avoiding design mistakes.
If you have ever inspected a new house, you will know that an inexperienced builder’s key giveaway is frequent design errors. Thus, hiring a seasoned architect with the experience of a seasoned construction team is an all-in-one solution to guarantee your house won’t be shabby.

4. They are excellent project managers.

Communication is integral in a building process. A design and build firm is not only a contractor – they are also excellent project managers. Because the design and construction teams are working together, potential design errors and construction setbacks can easily be remedied.

While we’re sure the usual run-of-the-mill home construction contractor will do the job just fine, a design and build contractor will ensure that your project is done at optimized cost and time.

5. They provide you with crucial insights.

Proper space planning, cost-effective building methods, and bringing your ideas into life – you name it.

A design and build contractor can add more insights that benefit your home building project in many ways.

6. Speaking of cost-effective…

A residential architect studied how to operate based on a predetermined budget. They can even help you save on money.

You would prefer making alterations beforehand rather than during the constructing stage, right?

Design and build contractors can always perform alterations just fine, but having the teams talk together constantly allows them to spot potential errors faster.

7. They know how to pick the right materials.

Design and build firms have formed networks with vendors and suppliers of materials. This added knowledge helps them pick the right materials – that suits your budget limitations, primary purpose, and tastes – faster than the inexperienced builder.

8. They deliver far superior design.

With their expertise and focus, they can deliver more – from the highly functional floor plan to the exceptional but economical design. Aesthetics, usability, and constructability of the space is easily determined when your design and construction teams are working together all the time.

Are you excited to make your dream house come true?

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