House Construction in Davao: 4 Steps To Finding the Right Contractors

Tricia Hingpit
06/08/2018 4:51:22
house construction in davao

Need to find a house construction professional but don’t know where to start?

Follow these steps and hire a house construction professional in the Davao region with fewer worries:

1. Ask friends, peers, or communities.

This step can help you gain a bigger-picture perspective on building a house in Davao City.

Friends and peers

While every experience is different, objective views from your friends will help you weigh your decisions. Plus, they can be honest with you about their experience with a certain house construction firm.


People who hire architects or civil builders to build their house can’t always be found clamouring in public social media groups, such as Facebook groups. These groups exist, nonetheless. Find them by asking around in your local community circles.

And when you do, ask about their baby steps in finding their ideal architects. Determine how their choice of architects and contractors influenced the overall building construction process.

2. Research thoroughly.

Researching the background of your building and construction service providers can be a big project. But this is an important step. When we say thoroughly, it means you should be detail-oriented – don’t rely on first impressions and intuition.

This could include you searching Google for a firm’s philosophy, testimonials, services, and social media pages. If they are active in social media, then this will make it easier.

When you find a couple of candidates, it’s time to…

3. Sift through your candidates.

You should be able to sift through them and choose the ones you’d hire. Do this by…

…checking the building firm’s philosophy.

Do they prioritize the client’s taste or personal preferences above all else?

Do they take their precious time in ensuring the client gets the best of their services?

Are they able to keep the client frequently informed during the building process?

You should be able to ask questions like this to know their philosophy as a firm. See to it that they match your preferences and values as a client.

…considering their services.

What kind of building construction types or services do they provide?

As the client, you must know what these services are and what they aim towards. Their services should only make the building process easier and smoother – not bring you to unnecessary detours.

…interviewing previous clients.

Again, you should be thorough. And this means interviewing their previous clients. Don’t just rely on online reviews – a phone, email, or even in-person conversation with previous clients would be better.

Since they already have a hands-on experience with the firm, they can walk you through their experience. This will help you decide whether the firm’s ideal for you.

4. Contact them!

And when you finally chose one or two construction firms, you should contact them. You would never know the full scope of a contractor firm’s capacity without talking to them. Be sure to take everything with a grain of salt, though.

Remember to be honest—tell them what you’re intending to achieve, your budget scope, and your limitations.

Final note

Remember, this is your house—the symbol of your hard work and family in the Philippines. Dealing with the wrong or even mediocre builder might cost you more time and money. Choose your builder wisely!

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