International firm D&D Group partners with Constantin Design & Build

Paulo Rizal
08/03/2018 4:47:02
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Following its goal of providing quality service to its growing line of customers, we at Constantin Design & Build (formerly known as Constant Integrated Project Development Corporation) proudly announce our partnership with D&D Group.

As design and build firms, D&D Group and Constantin Design & Build share the same values of giving quality and tailored fit services to highly valued clients. Both commit to working closely with clients to deliver world class projects that cater to specific tastes and needs.

About D&D Group

D&D Group was officially founded in 2017, but the collective experience of their four directors span over 40 years. They are led by Khalid Monsoor (Chief Executive Officer), Danish Azar Zuby (Director of Design), Rizwal Ali (Director of Projects), and Zohaib Zuby (Director of Architecture).

Their combined careers span the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management and Executive/Finance management.

Moving forward, the two companies will be sharing the acquired experience, resources, and networks in the goal of reaching, and giving more clients the service that they deserve.


Below are some of the projects by D&D Group. 

Photo of a facade of Naushad Hirani, a neoclassical inspired house in Karachi, Pakistan. Designed by D&D.
Naushad Hirani, a Neoclassical-inspired House


Photo of Naushad Hirani's Dining Room, Designed and Built by D&D
Dining Room of Naushad Hirani


Facade of the Bamboo House in Karachi, Pakistan. Design and Build by D&D.
Facade of the Bamboo House. Design and Build by D&D.


Image of the Bamboo House's first floor lounge. Design and Build by D&D.
Lounge of Bamboo House by D&D Group.


Rendered concept of Amreli Steels Corporate Building by D&D.
Amreli Steels Corporate Office in Karachi, Pakistan. Design and Build by D&D Group.


Photo of Motiwala Jeweller's Reception Area, a deal of precious stones in Karachi, Pakistan.
Reception of Motiwala Jewellers in Karachi, Pakistan by D&D Group.