Leisure and Relaxation Spaces That You Should Have In Your Home

Rey Justine D. Intong
28/03/2018 5:06:44

In the old days, a house had one simple purpose: shelter. With a few exceptions, homes back then had simple areas like the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms. But in the age we live in, houses are becoming more than just a roof over your head. More and more people are adding “leisure and relaxation spaces” to their houses, which are special spaces that cater to different and specific leisure and relaxation activities.

If you’re considering adding spaces like these in your home construction process, then good news: you’ve come to the right article. Here we’ll list down some common spaces and rooms and help you in deciding which one is for you.

Image of private home theater

Private Home Theater

Also known as an Entertainment Room, private theaters are one of the most common leisure rooms.

You’ve probably already heard of them, but if you haven’t, they’re just what they sound like: a mini (though sometimes full sized) movie theater in the comfort of your own home, complete with movie theater furbishing like carpets, a big screen, and those oh-so comfortable chairs. If your family likes to have movie nights, or you’re the kind of person who enjoys the cinema, this is definitely for you.

Image of an outdoor swimming pool

Residential Swimming Pool

Okay, I’ve talked about swimming pools to death in other articles before (Which you can find here and here). But that’s because swimming pools are one of the most popular and arguably the most common leisure areas in the world. Swimming pools are great for parties, barbecues, or for just having a relaxing weekend with the family. Plus, it’s relatively easy to find professional services that specialize in swimming pool installation.

image of home sauna

Home Sauna

Moving to the relaxation side of this article, home saunas are a great addition for people who enjoy spas and lifestyle centers. A home sauna will allow you to feel the treatment of a spa right in your own home! No need for those awkward conversations with strangers in public saunas. You can relax on your own terms.

image of game room with computer, game console, and television

Gaming Room

If you’re the kind of person (like me) who loves playing video games such as Overwatch, DOTA 2, or Nier: Automata, or you just love gaming in general, then you should definitely consider having an entire room dedicated for gaming. Gaming rooms provide a space not just for your PC and TV, but you can also ask professional renovators for custom cabinet designs to house your collection of games and consoles. You can even have the room specifically themed to your favorite game. Now that’s taking your gaming experience to the next level.

Image of Home Library with books and shelves

Home Library

Remember that scene in Beauty and the Beast where Belle enters the castle’s huge library? Well if you’re a book lover, chances are you want one of those in your home too. While most houses aren’t as big as Beast’s castle, you can still have a small, regular-room-sized home library. I suggest having the interior professionally designed with proper acoustic treatment to give it that special, authentic, library feel. Plus, if you or a family member has an exam coming up, hey, what better place to study in?

And there you have it. Remember, these are just some of the most popular kinds of leisure and relaxation spaces and are by no means the only ones. You can consult our architects for more ideas, or more details on the spaces mentioned in this article. Until next time!