Living by the Beach: 6 Considerations before Transferring to the Coasts

Tricia Hingpit
10/04/2018 8:24:46
house by the beach at dawn

Living next to the sea? Sounds like a dream! That is, until you encounter major problems with seafront home construction that you didn’t expect.

Before transferring or building a home beside the beach, you need to reflect properly. Check out these six considerations before hiring an architect to build your dream home by the sea.

1. Can you stand the silence?

If you lived in a tight-knit neighbourhood or town, you’d probably need a time to adjust to the silence.

Obviously, the coastal neighbourhoods are quieter than the urban ones, so you’ll enjoy the beach life if you’re easily overwhelmed by sensory overload.

Before you really commit to living in the beach, why not try living first in a quieter area in the city? See if you prefer living with the city’s noise or you’re okay with a much quieter area.


2. Accessible accommodation

One of the factors that influence others to live or not to live in the beach is the accessible accommodation. People often get turned off by the inaccessibility of accommodation in some coastal areas.

So, if you’re planning to transfer to a coastal area, get to know the available accommodations first. Shopping areas, markets, clinics, nearest hospitals—check them out before planning to reside in the beach.


3. The Neighbourhood

Coastal areas are not that crowded, but you will still have neighbours, of course. Get to know the culture and the people of the area.

And while you’re doing it, remember to have an open mind. Don’t get discouraged yet if you disagree with how the locals do their thing.


4. Weather

Most coastal areas are known for having severe weather. Be wary of the area’s tendency to experience flooding or storms.

If you think you can withstand a few thunderstorms (the stellar view’s worth it, anyway!), then discuss a storm- or flood-proof design with your architect. You can discuss adding shutters and storm-modified windows.


5. Moisture

Living by the sea means having to deal with extras—sand, seafood, and moisture! While the former two are the real treats, you need to be cautious of the latter.

Poorly regulated moisture inside your home will cause your structure to corrode easily. Discuss this with your contractor to prevent major repair work in the future.


6. Outdoor area design

This is major! Since you’re planning to live beside the beach, you’d have to put more attention to this aspect of your home.

If you truthfully like the view, ask your architect to provide you with the options of building a porch or a deck. If you have budget for it, you can invest in a mini-entertainment area with awnings and shades. You can even consider putting a mini-kitchen on your deck!

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