5 Reasons To Build A House With Mid-Century Modern Design

Tricia Hingpit
06/07/2018 7:28:20
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Are you looking to hire builders and contractors for your home in Davao? While they can build a house with a popular theme, your personal taste should remain as the essence of the design.

Mid-century modern design is an interior design movement dating from the 1950s to the 1960s, and currently regaining influence in both the construction of houses and also interior design.

If you’re curious about mid-century modern design or need a little push to use it for your new home, then read on for five reasons why this trend is making a comeback.

It values simplicity and function.

Mid-century modern design, at its core, focuses on function.

The design rose to fame post-war, during the 1950s. By that time, the design reflected people’s hunger for simplicity. The building construction process and philosophy values purpose and function, putting the needs of the homeowner above all else.

By using this style to build a house, you can sleep well because every nook and corner caters to your needs.

It’s iconic.

Although mid-century modern design values function over form, that doesn’t mean the latter pales in comparison.

Many iconic furniture pieces are mid-century modern design pieces. Their simple lines and straightforward shapes bring boldness into any room.

Any well-polished mid-century modern furniture piece will make your home or room iconic. So, if you decide to build a house and incorporate mid-century modern as a theme, you will have that classy feel.

It’s timeless.

Le Corbusier’s “Grand Confort”, Arne Jacobsen’s “Egg”, and Charles & Ray Eames’ “Lounge & Ottoman”: these were iconic and they stood the test of time. In fact, many young designers still look up to these pieces and designers for inspiration.

The great thing about mid-century modern is it’s not outdated. It may not top the trending charts like it used to, but it will never go out of style.

It’s flexible.

Mid-century modern’s philosophy of simplicity and function turns your home into a canvas for your personal taste.

For example, if you love punk rock, you can use bold light fixtures such as skull-shaped globe lights. You can also add simple dark leather sofas. It’s up to you and your architect to mix and match.

It’s sleek and no-fuss.

Living in a mid-century modern home can help you de-stress because everything is sleek and chic.

If the majority of your household have busy lives, then this is the ideal design for you. Mid-century modern kitchens are no-fuss. You can look into plain counter-tops, slab cabinets, and organic building construction materials. With furniture like those, you can whip up your breakfast and do the dishes in less than an hour.

Want to have a mid-century modern home? Don’t hesitate to consult our experts at Constantin Design & Build today, and we will provide you with a complimentary floor plan and exterior perspective. We look forward to working with you to create your personalised home.