New Year, New Hue!

Engr. Beverly Dagcuta
18/01/2021 1:13:34

We’re looking forward to a fresh start and opportunities to add color to our lives in the new year after all the havoc that 2020 brought. Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, people have to stay and started working from home.

We believe that this year people wanted a sense of calm, comfort, and positivity in their homes. So, in this article, we have listed a variety of colors that can inspire you to add spark to your house if you are planning on doing some repainting this month.


Pantone has released a list of color trends for 2021, and one of it is a sunny yellow called Illuminating. This color brings optimism for the new year, a bright hue that could brighten any day. We have picked a perfect shade from Boysen Paints called Peeps.


One of House Heather’s bedrooms with a sunny accent wall.

Timeless and sophisticated, you can never go wrong in shades of gray. It can be a deep gray or a calm and quiet shade of gray. Grays are  Neutrals that are easy to match on and can be fun to play with. We have picked 2 shades of gray from Davies Paints called Seal Gray and Coal Mine.


Casa Yzabel’s Entertainment Room with gray hues.

Because Green is the new Gray! The color green has been popular from interiors to furniture. Aside from it screams nature, it has a calming effect that gives home a feeling of contentment. While we continue to spend more time at our houses working or just staying, it will remain a popular trend to bring the outside inside. And did you know that green tones help you focus if you are in contemplation and deep thought? We have picked 2 shades of green from Boysen Paints called Peter Pan and Esplanade.



Casa Helio’s Bedroom Renditions.

Casa Helios bedroom 1
Casa Helios bedroom 2
Casa Helios bedroom 1 Casa Helios bedroom 2

Inspired by the colors of the sky, a pretty shade of blue is what you need! A soothing color that gives you harmony. This color makes you feel of just wanting to stay at your home and just relax. We have picked 2 shades of pastel blue from Boysen Paints called Empress Lila and Oxygen Potion.


Casa Alexandria’s Blue Room


When you want to make your repainting a D-I-Y and you’re wondering where you can buy paints, CC Constantin Hardware can help you. You can order online via their Facebook Page or just directly visit their store located at Brgy. Maa, Davao City just beside the Barangay Hall.

But when your D-I-Y gets tough, you can rely on our helpful technical team. We are always ready to help, you can call us a call (082) 227 5001 or +63 917 509 2017 during office hours or send a message on our Facebook page or email us at