7 Reasons Why Anyone Should Move to Davao City For Retirement

Tricia Hingpit
15/03/2018 6:05:07
Davao city at night

Looking for a city to retire in the Philippines is like choosing from a delicious fruits basket. There is a variety of sweet, plump tropical fruits—but Davao City happens to be the tastiest of them.

Here’s why Davao City is a great place to live for your golden retirement years.

1. Davao City has a colourful and interesting past.

Photo of Museo Dabawenyo
Museo Dabawenyo Interior

Davao is rich in bursting with both foreign and indigenous heritage. Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese influences are still evident in some parts of the city.
If you’re itching for a good, thorough historical account of Davao, you can visit Museo Dabawenyo (Davaoeño Museum).

2. A Typhoon-Free City

Photo of Mt. Apo
Photo of Louie Lapat/

Another solid reason to live in Davao is its typhoon-free status. The city is surrounded by a mountain that shields that city from calamities.

So, if you’re going to build a house in Davao, you can let your builder design a to-die-for balcony view of your surroundings!

3. Friendly but Slightly Conservative Nature

Davaoeños are the most welcoming bunch you’ll meet, but be open-minded enough if you’re going to live there. They sleep early by Western standards and you can’t simply smoke anywhere!

Smoking in public areas is prohibited, hence the designated smoking areas. If you get caught smoking, authorities will fine you Php500.00 (US$9-10).

If you’re an advocate for cleaner air, then you’ll love it here!

4. Festive Night Life for Everybody

Photo of Fire Dancers performing at a restaurant in Davao City
Photo of Fire Dancers performing at a restaurant in Davao City. Photo by Paulo Rizal

Even though there’s a Liquor Ban at 1am, Davao still has a lot to offer when it comes to night life.

You have the Matina Town Square’s open air bars and live music are perfect for a Friday night chill with beers.

Meanwhile, along downtown’s Torres and Obrero areas, you have a plethora of bars and pubs that will cater to your party needs.

5. Great, Honest Cab Services

Photo of taxi cabs in Davao City
Photo of taxi cabs in Davao City by

If you’re an expat exploring Davao, you’ll encounter cheap cab fees by Western Standards and honest drivers. The taxi drivers of Davao City are well known for going out of their way to return items left in their cabs! Just make sure to take not of the driver’s names and plate numbers for easy contact.

Moreover, if you are having difficulties using a smartphone, you don’t have to worry since a taxi hailing mobile application called HIRNA was recently launched by Avis Philippines a week ago.

Fun fact: HirNa is the only 24/7 mobile app that’s available even to riders without smartphones!

You just have to call its hotline, 09171114888 and 09992214888, if you have queries.

6. A Lightning-Fast Responding 911 Service

Photo of Davao City 911 Responders during an earthquake drill
Photo of Davao City 911 Responders during an earthquake drill. Photo from

Davao is one of the three areas in the entire world that uses 911 as digits for emergency response. But what’s really impressive is their quick response that have wowed ordinary citizens and businessmen.

911 has rescue vehicles and a spacious bus that can fit 17 individuals when needed. You can also feel safe knowing that 190 surveillance cameras and a call center are always on duty to help citizens.

7. There’re a LOT of underrated tourist spots in Davao to explore.

Photo of Eden Nature Park
Photo of Eden Nature Park in Davao City

And it’s not just in terms of space, given that Davao is the largest city in the Philippines in terms of land area. Davao boasts unique parks, museums, and landmarks. You have the Crocodile Park if you want to see and eat crocodile meat. Yes, you read that right.

If you want to sleep to the smell of pine trees and cool breeze, you can explore the Eden Nature Park Mountain Resort.
The neighbouring beaches of Davao are one of the country’s most underrated, gorgeous beach treasures.

From the city, Samal Beaches and Talikud Island are just one barge ride away. Even more, Davao Oriental’s white-sand shores in Dahican and Buda’s Seagull Mountain Resort will never want to make you leave.

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