Reintroducing: Constantin Design & Build, Davao Home Builders

Paulo Rizal
19/05/2018 8:22:42
logo of constant integrated project development corp philippines

Greetings from Constantin Design & Build.

We’ve changed our name and logo, but our passion for designing and building world-class structures remain.

Adopting a new name and visual identity was a big risk, but we are confident that the amount of time and effort we put into this will help us reach, and in turn serve, you better in Davao City and beyond.

First: the name. Among other things, we chose the name Constantin because of what it means. Constantin is a Latin name that means “constant” and “steadfast.” It is our hope that when you think of Constantin, you will remember hassle-free construction and top-notch service.

Image of Constantin Design & Build Wordmark

Constantin also happens to be the name of our founder, Mr. Hany E. Constantin, whose passion, high ethical standards, and management style is what guides our company to move forward.

Next: the towerslope.

Image of Towerslope of Constantin Design & Build

The towerslope’s story is a tale of several months of brainstorming. It incorporates the embellished slopes from the old logo, which convey comfort and class. They are colored yellow to convey energy, optimism, and loyalty.

We also added the four white towers to represent the four values that we strive to live by every day: high ethics, client satisfaction, innovation, and value for money.

Together, our wordmark and towerslope form our new logo, which will be adopted gradually in all of our communications and marketing material.

Image of Constantin Design & Build Logo and Visual Identity

The revised name and logo are representations of our efforts to build more and better homes for you. It is the first in a series of giant steps that we are taking to reach more, serve more, and build better.

We hope to be of service to you in creating your dream abode. Contact Constantin Design & Build for a no-obligation discussion of your next project.