Stars of the Month: Constantin Design & Build’s Secret to Success

Paulo Rizal
30/10/2017 1:51:21

Constantin Design & Build‘s business strategy is simple. We strive to keep everyone satisfied, may it be the client, whose trust enables us to do our business, down to our construction workers in Davao, whose skills, strength, and commitment enable us to execute our vision.

At Constantin Design & Build, we always reward hard work and excellence. That is why every month, our project supervisors name two workers to the “Star of the Month” award.

The award honors those whose work surpasses our standards of safety, work attitude, quality of work, and efficiency. Awardees receive cash incentives, a certificate, and have their posters hung on-site as figures worthy of emulation.

Constantin Design & Build Director Hany Constantin says the project was initiated “to encourage the workers on-site to excel and to recognize those who have worked safely, followed directions, and performed in an outstanding manner.”

“By performing in a flawless fashion, we ensure that we do things right the first time. We also do this to reflect on-site what the engineers and architects designed on paper — so as to minimize discrepancy, mistakes, and provide a quality finished product,” he added.

At Constantin Design & Build, everyone works together to turn your vision into a reality. The elegance and precision of our work depends on our human development and the totality of our team‘s efforts — engineers, architects, and construction workers combined.