Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Remidelle Alimbuyao
09/07/2020 3:01:06
team work

How to Strengthen Team Coordination and Morale in the Workplace during a Pandemic

Achieving goals and accomplishing group tasks require a great amount of coordination and team work. But drastic changes brought by the pandemic may affect the workplace morale which in turn deprive team productivity and coordination.

In the light of that, here are 5 ways to boost workplace morale:


1. Recognize Accomplishments

It is vital to remind the workforce that there are still opportunities existing in this time of crisis. Sharing the employee accomplishment with the team, and letting them know that their efforts are recognized are affirmations that can boost their motivation and connectivity with the rest of the team. This is something that no amount of salary can buy.

2. Secure Essential Resources


Image Source: (Solferino Academy, 2020)
Image Source: (Solferino Academy, 2020)

With this shift of workplace activity patterns and the worry for their own safety, it is important to make the workers feel secure and equipped for them to do their jobs without jeopardizing their own safety. Hosting online seminars, providing personal safety equipment, transportation and healthcare packages can be of help.


3. Empathy – Be Humane


Image Source: (Partners in Leadership , 2020)
Image Source: (Partners in Leadership , 2020)

Every day is a hectic atmosphere, especially these days. This can cause a lot of pressure and stress. A good leader connects to his/her colleagues not only in business matters but also extends it to their personal human needs. Short check-ins on non-work matters and recognizing that every person’s situation is different. Sometimes lending an ear helps a great deal to lighten their personal burdens.


4. Communication


Image Source: (Smart Meetings , 2019)
Image Source: (Smart Meetings , 2019)

Just like in any type of relationships, providing a crystal clear line of communication is vital to thrive. Giving and receiving feedbacks to and from your colleagues about their performance/output gives a room for improvement. And constant improvement is key to a successful business, it means that you can adapt and conquer despite the changing tides.


5. Extra-Curricular Activities


Image Source: (Snack Nation, 2020)
Image Source: (Snack Nation, 2020)

Sharing common hobbies, interests, quizzes, puzzles, campfire chats, Netflix watch parties even memes with the team can lighten up the atmosphere of the workplace. An App called Donut for example randomly pairs up 2 coworkers to set up a virtual coffee meeting to talk about all matters other than their jobs for them to know each other better.



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