Which Swimming Pool is Best For Your Home?

Rey Justine D. Intong
28/02/2018 3:08:03
Photo of swimming pool by Joe Pizzio on Unsplash

Swimming pools. People love them. Whether you’re on vacation, have the weekend off, or having a birthday party for a family member, swimming pools are a great place to go to have fun and have a nice, relaxing dip in the water.

Most people have a favorite pool near where they live. But what if you want a pool of your own where you don’t have to share with potentially hundreds of people especially during the summer months? Here we’ll take a look at some common swimming pool types to help you decide which one fits your preferences best.

Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Photo of Above Ground Pool by MMPools
Photo of Above Ground Pool by MMPools


This pool is exactly what it sounds like. That is, it’s installed above the ground rather than the traditional in-ground pools.

These pools are usually less expensive than traditional inground pools, but they do stick out of your yard. The typical height of aboveground pools are 52-54 inches or about 4 & 1/2 feet. If you want a pool that’s relatively cheap, this is the one for you.

In-Ground Swimming Pools

Photo of In-ground Swimming Pool by Vita Vilcina on Unsplash
Photo of In-ground Swimming Pool by Vita Vilcina on Unsplash

In-ground pools are a general name for the traditional swimming pools that we’re used to seeing in resorts. They differ in the materials and finishes that each kind uses, but that also means that in-ground pools give you the most options in terms of customization. From waterfall features to optic lights that make your pool glow, if you value flexibility and variety, consider in-ground swimming pools.

Did I also mention that some of these pools can be installed in a matter of days?

Indoor Swimming Pools

Photo of Indoor Pool by Jesse Schoff on Unsplash
Photo of Indoor Pool by Jesse Schoff on Unsplash

Okay, but what if you want a more private experience? In that case, you should opt for indoor swimming pools. It’s just what it sounds like, a pool that’s inside your house, or at least covered by a roof and surrounded by walls. It can be installed next to the living room, or off to an entirely different area of the house, it’s up to you.

This type of pool is also great for people who train professionally in swimming throughout the year, since being inside makes it easier to control the temperature of the water.

Infinity Pools

Photo of Infinity Pool with woman swimming by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash
Photo of Infinity Pool by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

What if you have a house on the top of a hill -with a great view to boot? Well, you might want to consider this kind of pool. Infinity pools are pools that give off the illusion of not having an edge. This is achieved by making one side of the pool be made of glass and exposed at the building or hill-face where water can just drop off the edge like a water fall.

These pools are also very popular among luxury and business hotels and they give off a sense sophistication and elegance.

And there you have it.

As always, this is by no means a complete and comprehensive list. And it will be up to you to and your architect to decide what kind of pool best suits your home, but hopefully this article helpes you in that decision. Happy swimming and feel free to consult us on your next pool or home improvement project!